I knew you when – Chapter 2

The days seem to drag by so slowly and our only two days in LA had felt like two months with no bites for a job for either of us.
I’d become very un easy with our landlord Chris and felt better when Henry and I were not actually in the house.

Finally on day four I had enough I broke down in tears and slumped onto my bed.
Henry knocked lightly at the door. “You ok?”
I told him he could come in I turned my back from him and continued to sob.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“Chris is really freaking me out Henry, I swear he poked his head into the shower the other day when I was showering and I think he comes in here at night while I sleep. He’s always staring at me with this creep grin on his face.”
“Why did you not tell me Nika?”
“Because I can’t prove it, I thought maybe I was just being silly. You know being away from home and all. I’ve not showered in two days.”
Henry walked to my side of the bed and sat next to me. “Go shower now Nika I will stay here and make sure your not being watched.”
I glanced up to him my eyes blurry from the tears. “Thank you Henry.” I said as I hugged him.
I stepped into the shower and Henry parked his butt right in front of the bathroom door, we chatted about what we should do while I got cleaned up and he decided for the remainder of the week he would bunk with me or I with him till we could find some other place to stay.

Henry had packed up his bags and was moving them to my room when Chris walked through the door.
“What are you doing?” He asked Henry.
“Nika and I have decided we’re going to share a room so you can feel free to rent the 2nd one out again but don’t worry you can keep both our money for the rooms.”
“I don’t think so” Chris snapped “I said no couples when you applied to live here.”
“We’re not a couple mate, we’re friends and Nika is feeling really home sick and she feels better when I am around.”
“To bad! If you two are going to stay here you need to be in separate rooms.”
This made Henry furious and he snapped at Chris. “Listen mate, I know you been watching Nika. Creeping on her. So here’s the deal we will be out by Monday morning when our money for the week is up but until then I am staying in her room with her and if you come near her again I’ll call the police.”
“Fine” Chris snarled “Monday morning get your asses out of here.”
“No worries, we’ll be gone.” Henry said as he shut my door.

That weekend we’d decided to hit the town and try to meet some new people there was so much to do and see in Los Angeles it could become a bit too much at times. But in the same breath taking it all in made you feel like wow you were finally trying to hit the big time and you couldn’t help but smile.
The allure of Hollywood I could totally understand, there is something magnetic about this city even with all its flaws you couldn’t help but feel like you were important living there.

It was about 1am Friday night when Henry and I left yet another bar, we were pub crawling getting to know more of the locals in and around the area we were living.
We’d decided to hit one more spot before calling it a night when out of the corner of my eye I saw a group of young guys being cornered by a much larger guy and his buddy.
They were both spouting off at the mouth and the group of younger guys just kept telling them they didn’t want any trouble.
I stopped dead in my tracks and began to listen and that’s when I heard it. They were being targeted because they were gay.
I slowly took off my heals and ran across the street before Henry even had the chance to say or do anything.
“Nika? What are you doing???” He yelled after me.
I stepped in front of the tiniest member of their group an adorable blonde with the biggest blue eyes I had ever seen.
“Is there a problem here?” I asked. As Henry joined me at my side.
“Oh look a girl is coming to your rescue.” Said Mr. Smug.
“I don’t see this as boy verses girl I see it as smart verses stupid, Guess which you are?” I said.
He stepped forward as if to shove me I raised my heel to his face.
“You know the one thing I like about the US is that you have very decent self defense laws. I can hurt you and hurt you bad and walk away scot free because you Mr. Stupid are being aggressive and are putting me and my friends in danger.”
He stood there looking at me with a very dumb look on his face. He was trashed and was too trashed to think or put a sentence together properly and was out trying to prove he was some type of man.
I looked at him and said “Just so you know I am a boxer who is proficient in martial arts and if I want I could upper cut you and break your jaw how manly would you feel then?”
Henry looked at me like I was crazy.
The young guys were also trying to back me slowly away from them.
“I said don’t hate them because they are gay they can’t help they are more of a man then you will ever be. They can’t help more women would rather be with them then a meat head like yourself. Don’t hate them cause they are more beautiful then you. Just walk away and have a pissing contest somewhere else.
Henry’s mouth dropped he couldn’t believe what I was doing. “He’s going to hit you” Henry whispered.
“Don’t worry, no he won’t. He will walk away with his tail between his legs as I just busted his ego.”
And just like that the two of them turned around spit on the ground, called me a fucking bitch and walked away.
I smiled “See, told ya!”
I turned to the group and said “Not all straight people are assholes like that; real sorry you got caught up in that type of bullshit.”

The group hugged me “Thank you” they all chimed
“Your our real life superhero now!” said the adorable blonde.
I began to laugh. “Nope no hero just a person who hates people who spread hate like that.”
“I’m Corin” Said the blonde as he stuck out his hand.
“Nice to meet you I said. I’m Tonika and this fella right here is my Henners.”
“I’m Rick” said the next one as we shook hands “And this is Andy”
We all stood around and talked for a little while longer before deciding to hit another pub that was in the area. So off the five of us went Corin and I began to skip down the street and the other guys were having a laugh at us.

Over drinks I began to tell Corin what had been happening in our apartment and how Henry and I were looking for a new place to stay.
“I don’t have much but if you guys need a few extra days to find a place you can crash with us.”
“With you and who?” I asked.
“Andy is my boyfriend and we have a one bedroom apartment, nothing much but it’s a roof.”
“Wow.” I said “Thank you so much! We might have to take you up on that offer.”

That Monday we packed up and left while Chris was still at work we headed down to meet up with Corin who was sweet enough to be allowing us to stay with him till we found somewhere new.
Henry was going to give me the couch while he slept on the floor and for some reason I just couldn’t allow all that beautiful boy to sleep on a floor it just didn’t feel right.
So our first night there I made him climb up onto the couch with me and we snuggled up and watched a bit of TV before heading to sleep. We both had long days the next day he had an audition and I had a real job interview.

My job interview went well and I really hoped I would get the job I was running out of money fast and I didn’t get something I might have to pack up and go home.
I sat there waiting for the phone to ring I am not sure why I thought they would call me that day I guess I just hoped they would.
I wondered how Henry was doing in his audition it wasn’t for anything big but when you need money you do what work comes your way.
He walked in with a smile on his face.
“Did you get it?” I said jumping up.
“I don’t know yet but I think things went well, How’d your interview go?”
“I think it went well just waiting for a call.”
“So looks like we both had a good day!”
“Yes it does” I smiled.

It was not till the next day that each of us received calls.
Mine was the first to come in and I got the job and was to start the day after.
I was so excited, finally would have more money coming in.
Later the call from Henry’s agent came in and I saw that look all of us actors are very familiar with. The “I didn’t get the part” look.
I walked up behind him and hugged him he swung his arm backwards to wrap around me.
He hung up the phone and turned him to me. “Don’t worry Hen you will get one soon.” I said.
He smiled. He has the most magnificent smile I had ever seen gorgeous large teeth with perfect pouted lips in the shape of an M surrounding them.
He leaned down and kissed me. “Thank you for being with me Nika, it’s nice not being alone.”
I kissed him back and hugged him tighter. He was right it was nice not being alone. Having him with me made it all seem so much easier.
“Think your restaurant might need some more help?” He asked.
“I’ll ask tomorrow when I go in for my shift.”
“Thanks” He said as he squeezed me tight. “Let’s eat I am starving!”
I laughed as we walked to the kitchen to begin dinner.

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