Converted – Chapter 1

Alarm sounds, Man it feels like I just went to sleep!
I slowly crawl my butt out of bed, wishing the sun would just go away and let me sleep peaceful for just one night.

I’d not been sleeping well the last few weeks my anxiety keeping me awake more often than I care to admit.
But each day I woke and mustered up enough energy to get myself to work.
Where’s work? Forever Fitness is my personally owned gym.
I started Forever Fitness after being diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder, they told me to forget the women I once was that she was gone. I told them I couldn’t go through life that way and set out to change not only how I seen my illness but how others seen it.
I became the poster girl for fitness “My disease does not define me, I will redefine my disease” was one of my many motivational posters that adorned the walls of our gym.

Growing up I was a HUGE Superman fan, Christopher Reeve was the man of my dreams. Not only because he was my favorite hero but because he was a real life hero as well.
So when I decided to get fit and get healthy and show these doctors that this disease would not make me weak that I was still my own superhero it was him I turned to for inspiration.
For 2 years I worked my ass off losing weight, gaining muscle and becoming stronger both physically and mentally.

In 2011 it was announced they would be making a new Superman movie I was devastated because let’s face it Superman Returns was painful to watch!
I mean I get what they were trying to achieve with that movie but really, you got Kevin Spacey to play Lex and you DON’T run with it? Nope and nope!
So I dared not look up anything to do with this “new” version.
I mean really? They were going to attempt it again? Did they not know NOTHING and NO ONE would ever replace Chris, not ever!

I am not sure when it was that I began hearing the ruffled feathers but I remember it being some time in 2012. Oh my heavens a “British” guy was playing Superman!
My thoughts “It’s called acting idiots! If he can do an American accent who cares! That’s like saying Johnny Depp should never again act because he’s done too many “British accent” movies!
So finally I decided to “Google” him.
When I first saw his picture he was curly cute and wearing a Superman t-shirt. I thought to myself, I have never in my life seen this guy before but he could fit.
Yes once again since Superman Returns I was letting my guard down and saying maybe, just maybe someone else could fill the boots.
Name Henry Cavill, now is that CA-VILL or CAV-VILLE? Hmm I wondered.
Filmography: whoa wait I own that movie, and that one, and those two as well! How is it that I own four movies this guy is in and do not remember him? You’re slipping Marie I thought to myself.
Maybe he just had small roles and that’s why I don’t remember.
The more I researched the movies I own the more I realized just how bad I had slipped I should have known this guy easy but just didn’t seem to place him.

I was a member of many Superman fan pages and the buzz was getting bigger and bigger the closer it came to its release date.
Leaked images from the set and of the suit were setting the internet a flame and suddenly I found myself intrigued.
So I began taking a peek and having my say among the many other fans.
When I first saw the leaked image of Henry Cavill on the oil rig with no shirt I was floored.
I said out loud “Who the heck you playing? Superman or the Incredible Hulk?”
The guy was massive and I realized he was going for the comic book looking Superman.
I was down with that as it was something that had never been done before.
The more I chatted around the pages the more excited I got for the movie.
I still was not convinced of Cavill’s ability to pull it off and I had my doubts about Zack’s direction as I was not a fan of his other movies.

It’s on the fan pages that I met Lisa. She was from England and was so proud that one of her very own home boys was playing her favorite superhero.
We began talking outside of the pages and realized we had a lot in common from kids to how we loved Superman to how we viewed the world.
It was obvious from the start we were going to be fast friends.
She was a HUGE Henry fan and when I told her I was really not into him like that she was shocked.
“You’ve seen him right?” She asked.
“Yes.” I said laughing.
“Ok so you’ve seen him and still nothing?”
“Oh he’s not bad looking I am just not into him like that.”
“Good Looking????” She said like it was the most awful thing she had heard.
“What?” I said.
“Henry Cavill is not merely good looking he is god like!” She said.
“OK I am not going that far.” I laughed.
“I am going to tell all my girls and we will convert you to a Cavillian if it’s the last we do!” She said.
I began laughing harder “Ok you can try and we will see.”

As we rolled into 2013 the fever surrounding the Man of Steel movie was picking up pace.
Teaser trailers had already begun to come out and from what little I was seeing at that point it looked like it was going to be something good to watch.
Lisa began introducing me to other members of what she referred to as “The Cavillry” I had a good laugh each time she introduced me to another who couldn’t believe I didn’t just LOVE Henry Cavill.
It was like I was the only women on the planet who didn’t see what they seen and that was not it I did in fact see what they saw I just wasn’t going to buy into it.
Maybe it was because I was still holding on to the memory of Christopher Reeve and that fear that this new version would again disappoint.
I was however excited and very willing to give Mr. Cavill every benefit of the doubt.

Around the end of February close to my birthday Lisa introduced me to Prudence they were talking about meeting up in London that June for the Man of Steel premier.
I have a bucket list not because I am dying but because I think everyone should have one call it a life list instead of all the things you want to do before you die.
One thing I always wanted to do was see a movie premier and I thought to myself what better premier to attend then Man of Steel.
The more I spoke with Lisa and Prudence the more I wanted to meet them in person.
They were both great for a laugh and we always had great conversations and debates.
I asked them if they would entertain the idea of me coming up in June to attend with them.
“That’s how we’ll do it Lisa” Prudence said.
“Do what?” Lisa asked.
“Once she SEE’S him in person she will no longer be able to deny it or hide it she will become a full fledged Cavill girl.”
I began to die with laughter. “You girls kill me!”
“Then maybe you should just come out of the closet now Marie!” Said Lisa.
“OK ok! Yes I can see all the handsome things you see in him, he is very attractive.”
“That’s all we’re going to get?” Prudence chimed.
“For now” I laughed.

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