I knew you when – Chapter 3

As I cooked dinner for all of us Corin asked about some of our prior rolls.
I joked that because I was Canadian there was not a lot to talk about regarding my roles.
Henry already had a big budget movie under his belt and it was his very first role ever in The Count of Monte Cristo. He went on to star in another movie Called Laguna but it had not been released.
He’d also done several television roles in England.
He was far more established then myself even though I had been doing it much longer than him.
I had up to this point only done television and commercials.
As we sat down to eat Henry asked “Should I get new head shots?”
“Why? What’s wrong with the ones you have now?” I asked.
“Well my hair is a lot longer now.”
“So” I laughed “At least they will know what you look like two different ways.”
Corin and him began to laugh “Good point I guess.”
We sat around for a couple hours and just talked about everything from movies to movies and even got around to sex.
I had to work early the next day so I Corin and Andy were sweet enough to let me have their bed for the night. I felt bad but I knew I would get no sleep with these boys up all night giggling like little girls.

The next day at work I politely asked the manager if they had another position available. He informed me they had two more slots they needed to fill one for my shift and one for the dinner shift.
On my break I called Henry and told him to get his ass down here to apply as a few others had already stopped in to inquire about the positions.
Within the hour Henry had arrived and was speaking with the manager.
The manager was so impressed by Henry he hired him on the spot I had to admit that made me slightly jealous however I was sure there might be a hidden agenda from the manager.
Henry ran over to me kissed my cheek “Thanks babe, I start tomorrow! Love you see you later today.”
“So glad you got the job and so quickly I might add! He likes you” I started to laugh.
“I don’t care if he likes me I got a job!” He smiled.
“Want me to pick up some beer on the way home?” I asked him.
“Yeah sounds good.” he kissed me again “See ya later.”

When I got home Henry was in the kitchen cooking.
“Something smells yummy, what are you making?”
“Pasta nothing special” He laughed. “Thought we should celebrate now that we having paying jobs.”
I busted out laughing “What shift did you take?”
“Same as you is that ok?”
“Yeah why wouldn’t it be?”
“Oh I don’t want you getting sick of seeing me all day every day.”
“Really? Do you think there is actually a person out there who would really get sick of looking at you?” I laughed.
“What are you saying Nika?” He smiled.
“Oh I don’t know” I said with a frowned brow “Only that you’re too fucking adorable!”
“And you’re not?” He asked.
“I am sure in this town you’re going to be the cuter one.” I laughed.
He laughed “I highly doubt that.”
We sat down and began to eat and I have to admit I didn’t think he could cook but he’d done a fine job making the pasta dinner.
“Where is Corin and Andy?” I asked.
“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you; they went to Corin’s mom’s for the weekend. They will be back Tuesday afternoon, so we have the place to ourselves for four days.”
“Oh wow that’s so awesome not to mention nice that they trusted us enough.”
“I think after what you did for them trust is the one thing they for sure have in you Nika.”
“Ok well what should we do then?”
“We should enjoy the weekend if we’re not working.” He said
“You just want another chance to use that fake ID of yours.” I laughed.
“Hey in England I am old enough ok.” He smiled.
“Yes I know and in Canada too!” I stuck my tongue out at him.
“Speaking of my age.” he said “What should I do for my birthday?”
“Oh yeah that’s like a month away.”
“Not even.”
“How will you be then? 29?” I laughed.
“Oh you’re funny.”
“Funny looking? Or funny like ha-ha?”
He busted out laughing “Looking for sure!”
I slapped his arm! “You ass!”
He continued to laugh as he got up from the table to clear it.
“I kid, I kid.”
“Your lucky I know that too!” I slapped his ass as he walked by.
He turned and winked at me. “I love you.” He said smiling.
“What was that for?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face.
“I’ve never been more comfortable around a women before in my life. You’re so laid back and relaxed and I can joke with you and be myself and I love that.”
I tilted my head to the side and a shy smile came over me. “Thanks Henry.”

We both worked the Friday and Saturday morning shift at the restaurant but had the Sunday off so we made plans to head out to a club the Saturday evening.
Our manager Jose began to tell Henry about a new club that was opening that night and how he should stop by.
Henry asked if he could bring me and Jose’s face suddenly changed.
“Is she your girlfriend?” He asked.
“Well she is a girl and yes she is my friend.” Henry said with a laugh.
Jose did not look amused.
Henry began to bite his lip. “I should get back to work.” he said as he walked away.
As he walked by me he gave me this holy crap bug eyed look.
I put my head down and chuckled to myself.

At the end of our shift Jose called Henry to the office I knew this was not going to be good.
When Henry walked out he had a stunned, dazed look on his face.
“What the hell happened?” I asked.
“He doesn’t like us working the same shift so I’ve been switched to the dinner shift.”
“What the hell!”
“Yeah sucks but at least I still have a job.” He laughed. “I thought for a moment there I was a goner!”
“Actually so did I.” I laughed.
When we got back to the apartment I pulled out some food for dinner.
“What are you making babe?” He asked.
I loved when he called me that I don’t think someone as attractive as him had ever called me that before heck I was sure someone as attractive as him had never even been interested in me before.
It’s not that I was un attractive I just had a really bad habit of leaning towards relationships I knew were destine to blow up in my face. It was nice to not see that when I looked at him. Yes I dared to think it; maybe Henry and I could be in a relationship but I wasn’t going to push it because even just having him in my life as a friend was going to be great.
“Pork Chops and rice.” I said.
“Sounds good to me.”
After dinner I went to the washroom and began to run the water for a shower.
Henry poked his head in as I was getting un dressed “Mind if I join you?”
I turned with a shocked look on my face. “Excuse me?”
“Sorry!” He said backing out.
“No wait!” I yelled laughing “You caught me off guard.”
“I just thought of that saying” He said “Save water, shower with a friend.”
I shrugged my shoulders. “If you want you can it’s not like I’ve not seen you naked before.”
Henry was a lot like me we both hated cloths in bed and we found that out very early on in our friendship.
Even though we’d slept naked together he’d never once attempted to touch me and that was the same way he treated me this time in the shower.
I adored him for that but at the same time I had to admit I would not have minded.

We had a blast that night at the bar and when we got back to the apartment we sat and had a couple more drinks that’s when he leaned in and kissed me.
It’s was not like we’d never kissed before so I naturally kissed him back.
He kissed me again but this time he lightly licked my bottom lip.
I was shocked and leaned back looking at him puzzled.
He came closer; he had puppy blue eyes. The soft sad pleading way he was looking at me was beginning to melt my heart.
He kisses me again and again licks my lip lightly this time I decide to reciprocate with my own tongue.
It all happened so quick one minute we were laughing on the couch having a drink, next we were kisses then we were in the room taking our close off getting into bed.
I suddenly became scared I was after all a few years older than him and for a brief moment I almost felt perverted.
I was laying on my side and he slid close to me and wrapped his arm around my waist.
I glanced up at him and he smiled.
We began to kiss again and he slid his hand over my hip, his touch was so gentle and his hands were so soft my skin quickly became bumpy from the shivers he was sending through me.
He climbed on top of me and looking into my eyes he quietly whispered “Can I make love to you?”
My whole body quivered as I gave him permission.

When I woke the next morning he was snuggled against my back with his arm wrapped firmly around my waist. I felt my heart flutter as I took a deep breath and sighed.
I was happy more happy then I had ever been.
I didn’t want to wake him so I closed my eyes and just listened to the sound of his breathing.
He had a slight snore which I was use too but never had it been so close to my ear before.
I felt a grin come over my face, it was ear to ear.
In that instant it was like he knew I was awake. He lifted his head from the pillow and looked down at me. I turned to meet his gaze with what probably looked like a dorky smile.
He kissed my cheek and nuzzled into my neck.
“Would you like some breakfast?” I asked.
“In a moment. Let’s just lay here a bit longer.”
We snuggled back together and just laid there in silence listening to each other’s breaths.
I was falling in love and it was driving me mad. I could NOT be falling in love with a nearly 20 year old!

May 5th came around quickly and Henry was eager to celebrate his 20th birthday with everyone.
He was however becoming quite home sick.
We’d both taken the day off work and we were also still un packing from our mid April move into our own apartment. It was a small tiny fish bowl but it was ours and we could dress it up however we wished we could do whatever we wanted and no one would or could say anything.
As we unpacked what little we had the phone rang.
I grabbed it “Hello?”
“Oh hello, Would Henry be available?” A women asked.
“Yes just one moment.” I said handing the phone to Henry.
It was his mother and she had called to wish him a happy birthday and ask how the apartment was.
He’d not told her he was living with a woman yet and I was un easy about his little deceit.
I looked over to see his face so sad it was clear he really missed his mother and family members specially at this time.
I walked by and ran my hand through his hair to let him know I was here for him. He looked up and smiled.

That night we walked down to Corin and Andy’s place to grab them for Henry’s birthday night out. Rick and a few others were meeting us at the club and as we normally did we would hop between all of our favorite places and likely end the night at our new place with everyone crashing with us.

We had never spent so much time on the dance floor then we did this night.
At every bar we were at someone would buy Henry a drink including women which I won’t deny made me slightly jealous. I really had no right to be either we’d never officially said we were anything more than roommates, friends, lovers.
However Henry was always able to read me quite well and knew each time a women approached him that I would get just that more upset.
Corin would hug me each time and whisper in my ear “Hun he’s with you don’t get too worried.”
When Henry and I moved in together I’d never actually thought of how it would all play out if we were not dating and decided to date other people how would that work in our one bedroom fishbowl?

Our final stop of the night was at club DBA it was one of our favorite spots in West Hollywood to go and dance.
Henry walked up to me and gave me a hug.
“You know we’ve been here just over two months and still neither of us have gotten a bite.”
I looked at him and smile. “Henry tonight is your birthday lets enjoy it and worry about getting acting jobs tomorrow ok?”
“OK ok” He laughed “Let’s dance”
I always had to chuckle when he would dance because in spite of all his good looks and talents he for the life of him had no groove what so ever.
I liked to tease him calling his dance moves the shake and jerk.
He would laugh and say “Well at least I am dancing!”
He always knew how to have a good time and managed to always put smiles on everyone faces.

We ended the night and headed home.
The group of us loud and bubbly as we walked down the street.
There was no mistaking us when we all got together you could hear us for miles.
A couple of times we’d even had people shout out their windows for us to shut up.
Tonight however no one yelled at us and we even got a couple hoots and hollers from other groups of people walking down the street.
As we all filled our fishbowl I’d become extremely tired.
I leaned to Henry and told him I was going to head to bed. I kissed him on his cheek and wished him one last Happy Birthday.
He got up and walked me to our bedroom and turned me towards him.
He leaned in and kissed me. “Love you Nika”
“Love you too Henners”
“I’ll be joining you soon” He said “See you in a bit.”

The next morning I woke to the phone ringing and a hangover.
I leaned over Henry to reach the phone.
It was Henry’s agent.
“HENRY!” I smacked his chest “Henry!”
He jumped “Yeah? Yeah?”
“It’s your agent” I said handing him the phone.
You could see he too was clearly hung over but he handled the call like a pro.
He jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom quickly turning on the shower.
“You going to tell me what’s going on?” I asked as I followed him.
“I have an audition in two hours.”
“Oh my god that’s amazing Henry!” I said hugging him.
“Yeah I am excited. It’s not a huge budget movie but it’s a movie none the less.”
“You’ll get it! I have faith in you.”
He laughed and jumped into the shower. “Hope your right. Can you start coffee?”
“Yep! I’m on it.”

He was gone for what felt like forever but when he finally returned he had a smile on his face so I knew things had gone well.
“It was for a horror movie.” He said.
“Ooh cool! Do you get killed?” I laughed
“Not sure.” He laughed “But I think things went well so I might have a job!”
I was very excited for him but wished that I too had an acting gig.

The next day he received the call, He’d gotten the part and would begin filming right here in L.A. in a couple months.
That night we went out after work to celebrate him getting the job.
Everyone was very happy for Henry and you could see that even though it might not have been the ideal job he’d wanted he was working doing what he loved to do and that pleased him.

As we lay in bed that night he shifted to his side to face me.
“Don’t worry babe, It will happen for you too”
“Oh I know.” I said smiling “Just wish it would happen sooner rather than later.”
“Just don’t give up ok?” He said.
“Oh you know me I won’t!”

The next afternoon the phone rang and this time it was my agent.
She was calling to tell me she’d gotten me an audition for a small part in a movie and the audition was the next day at 11am.
I was so thrilled I began dancing around the room before I even let her go.
She could hear the excitement in my voice and reminded me that it was a rather small part.
I however didn’t care I was going to be working and that was the biggest excitement for me.
When Henry came in I was still dancing around and right away he knew.
“When’s your audition?” He asked.
“Tomorrow at 11.”
“Told you!” He winked. “Shall we go out tonight?”
“Sorry can’t I had to switch shifts so I could go to the audition tomorrow so I’m working”
“Oh ok, we can always go out tomorrow.” He smiled.
“Yep!” I said as I continued to dance.
I grabbed his hands and made him dance with me. He began to laugh.
“You silly girl!”
“Silly? Why am I silly?”
“Because I said you are.” He laughed.
“Ok fine, I will be silly it’s better than stupid.”
We both began to laugh.

It took a week for my agent to finally call me back after my audition but I got the part.
I turned to Henry and said “Yes I got it! Not sure how well I am going to like it but I got it!”
“What do you mean?” He asked.
“I have a pretty intense sex scene I have to do and I have never done one before.”
“Just relax and try not to think about it too much.” He suggested. “What movie?”
I began to laugh “Hellraiser 8, Can you believe they have made 7 of these already?”
“Wait what did you say?” He asked.
“Hellraiser.” I repeated.
“Whoa Nika! I got a part in Hellraiser too!”
“Yes way! and two of my scenes are sex scenes!”
“You don’t think?” I said
“Oh man would that not be funny!” He laughed.

That week our scripts were delivered to us to begin going over and sure enough as we poured over our scenes we realized that we were in fact about to do sex scenes with one another.
As I looked over my whole part I noticed I did not have one actual line.
“I don’t fucking say anything!” I grumbled. “I’m nothing more than tit and ass.”
Henry lowered his head with a sad look on his face. “I’m sorry sweetheart.”
“It’s not your fault.” I said “Guess the writer needs it to sell it.”
Just then Henry began to laugh “Not sure if we should practice our scenes or if we already have enough practice to just go right into it.”
I laughed out loud. “Should we tell the director we’ve slept together?”
“No maybe just that we know one another.” He said.
“Yeah that might be for the best.”

One month later Henry began to film Hellraiser 8 – Hellworld.
Three and a half weeks after he began I showed up to begin filming my scene.
This was going to be very interesting I thought to myself.

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