Converted – Chapter 2

On April 3rd 2013 I booked a flight for myself and my son Nicholas to head to London England we planned to stay two weeks and Lisa had promised to show us all the London sights.
This would not be my first trip to England it would be my 3rd time actually but my very first time in London and I was extremely excited! Remember I have “the list”.
It would be Nicholas’s first time ever out of the country and I was excited to be able to be doing this with him.

As each day got closer I became more and more excited. I was not sure what was more exciting though, going back to England and meeting new friends, going to a movie premier or meeting celebrities.
Each of the prospects seemed to amazing and I hoped by the time I got there I didn’t burst with over excitement and scare the crap out of my new girlfriends.

We would land in London on June 10th, Three days before the Man Of Steel London premier.
Lisa would pick us up at the airport and we would be bunking down with her and her family.
I would not get to meet Prudence and the other girls till the day of the premier as we would all meet up in London and get in line as a group.

Of course with each passing week my inbox on facebook was filled with photos of Henry Cavill with little captions like “He’s waiting for you!” and “Step away from the dark side and come to the light”
I had to chuckle at the attention they gave him and how they wanted me to love him as bad as they did.
I did see the appeal but I was not yet ready to really commit to the fandom.

The final week before I left for England felt like the longest most stressful week of my life.
Anything and everything that could go wrong was going wrong.
I had a trainer quit at the gym last minute so I had to go into over drive to figure out a replacement till I could return and hire someone full time.
We would also be down another trainer as I would not be there for my clients.
My ex decided to throw a fit over me taking our son out of the country. He feared I would not return and I had to one tell him he was an idiot and two I had no intentions of keeping our son away from him.
I’d received a call from my credit card company telling me they were placing my card on hold as there had been some suspicious activity on it at which point I had to tell them it was in fact me who’d made the purchases. They finally agreed to take the hold off but not till the day I was flying out.
One of my dogs became ill and I had to rush him to the vets to be put on medication.
If I was being tested it was full throttle testing!

Finally the night before we were to leave I had everything settled.
I breathed a sigh of relief and looked over to Nicholas whom I was just about to put to bed “You excited to take the plane tomorrow bud?”
“Yep! We go on the plane up in the sky and we fly.”
“Yes we’re going to fly, Who else flies in the sky?”
I loved how he couldn’t say Superman it was a cute thing that I think only a mother could really appreciate and love.

That morning we caught our cab to the airport and got ready to head off to England.
The wait to board the plane was two hours and Nicholas became very impatient very quickly.
I worried that the seven hour flight would drive him completely bonkers and also hoped he would pass out for the better part of it.
I also worried he may disrupt other passengers with his squeals and screams.
He’d just turned two and he was in this phase of high pitched squeals that were nearly deafening.
I prayed no one would be rude if he were to have a mini or full melt down.

The flight went off without a hitch, Nicholas fell asleep an hour into the flight and slept for four hours of it so I only had to keep him occupied for two hours and he had a lot of fun looking out the window at the clouds. He did occasionally get loud but not so much as to bother any of the other passengers.
As we collected our luggage and headed to security I felt a peace wash over me. It had been so long since I had stepped foot on English soil and it was so nice to be back. I had always planned to move to England but sadly all those plans had fallen through. There was just something about this country that called to me and I felt more at home than anywhere else in the world.
Checking through security I was asked “Business or pleasure?”
“Vacation.” I responded “Visiting friends and going to the Superman premier” I smiled.
“Oh Superman fan are we?”
“You got that!” I said with a chuckle.
“Well enjoy your stay in London, You too little guy.”
I smiled and we walked to the lobby where I quickly spotted Lisa who was with 3 of her 4 children.
A huge grin came over her face as they all began to wave.
Nicholas became very excited and screams “Auntie Lisa!” he wriggled free from my hand and ran towards her.
She scooped him up and gave him the biggest hug and kiss.
Lisa’s kids all hugged Nicholas as well and yet again I had the sense of peace.
When I walked up to her she grabbed me and hugged me “Twinnie!” she said.
She’d given me the nickname a few months back when we realized just how much alike we were, it was almost as if we were twins.
I hugged her back and thanked her for allowing Nicholas and myself to stay with her and the family.
“We’d have it no other way!” She said.

Over the next two days we set out on adventures with the kids that I’d never thought I’d have shown Nicholas and he was having the time of his life.
Lisa’s kids were having a kick showing Nicholas around and getting him involved with all their activities.
Lisa lived on a huge piece of land and the views were just amazing.
We’d sit on the deck and watch the kids play while sipping tea and myself enjoying the gorgeous views on every corner.

The day of the premier Lisa got some of her good friends to look after our whole crew as we set off for London to get in the line for Man Of Steel.
Suddenly I found myself extremely excited!
Lisa like many others that day had opted to wear her Superman shirt.
Being that I like to be a little different I decided to go full on Wonder Women.
I was wearing my super tight Wonder Women tank top and blue jeans with my Wonder Women flip flops. I also had on my Wonder Women bracelets that looked like her gauntlets one have a chain link right with WW as the symbol on my middle finger.
I’d also decided to wear my hair up in a faux hawk and I was glad I did as it began to rain something awful at which point I busted into song “It’s raining men, hallelujah it’s raining men!”
I had sang so loud the crowd began to laugh as I took a bow.

Lisa knew some of the security and we got lucky and were placed right near the front where each celebrity would exit their vehicles.
We’d arrived early and it didn’t take us long to go a little bonkers.
Between the rain and being pushed by other fans Lisa and I decided we had to do something to lighten the mood before we went completely nuts.
I thought a sing song was in order and began to sing “Give me one reason” by Tracy Chapman.
I’ve been known to not really need a mic when I sing as I can quite loud all on my own so it didn’t take long to grab the attention of other members of the crowd and soon after that I got a few to chime in and sing with me.

There was a fella behind me that when he screamed it was so school girl like I turned each time with an astonished look on my face.
He proceeded to look at me as though I was crazy then would shriek again.
I looked to Lisa and Prudence and we all just busted a gut with laughter.

The more songs we sang the more involvement from the crowd we got and I was getting a real thrill out of performing for such a crowd so much so that I knew one of the songs we must sing was “Waiting for Superman”
Lisa and Prudence gave me a huge thumbs up and I burst into the song.
The crowd erupted in cheers and during the chorus chimed right in with me. Suddenly the whole crowd was singing “Waiting for Superman”
I was so distracted I didn’t notice Zack Snyder exit his car with his wife Deb.

When I finished I glanced their way and Zach was clapping.
He met my eye and gave me a huge smile and thumbs up. I nodded with a smile as to say thank you for the approval.
Deb was the first to come greet us and she was so lovely it was hard to believe she was one of the people who’d made this movie happen.
Lisa told her about being Henry’s cougars at which point I piped up and said “Not me though, I am not old enough to be a cougar yet.”
Deb laughed.
I then said “I’m in training! Cougar in training.”
She laughed even harder.
We all took a photo with her then she began to make her way down the line of eager fans.
Zack came up to us and looked over to me and said “That’s a very powerful voice you have!”
“Thanks!” I smiled.
I stretched out my hand to shake his and looked at him with this stern look “I hope you didn’t mess up my Superhero!”
“What’s that?” He asked
“Superman is my favorite and let’s just say that last Superman movie was painful to watch! So I hope yours does him justice.”
“I hope so too! I really think you’re going to like it. At least I hope anyway.”
As he walked away he thanked me for entertaining the crowd and told me to never stop singing.
I felt this amazing feeling come over me I’d just been approved by a huge director and that was a special kind of feeling to take in.

Next up we met Michael Shannon who would be playing Zod in the film and man this guy was huge!
I looked up at him and felt so small. He is not an attractive man in fact he is quite scary looking so I can completely see why they cast him as Zod.
However scary he looked he was not at all mean towards any of us he was very sociable and kind and I had fun getting into a photo with him,

Russell Crowe refused to come anywhere near any of us which did surprise me one bit. I’d heard many horror stories about how rude he was towards people and who can forget his temper tantrums.
I looked over to Lisa and laughed well here’s to hoping they just keep him dead so he can’t return for a sequel. She started to laugh.

Half the people arriving I had no clue whom they were even the lady who was playing Faora I was clueless about.
Suddenly Lisa and Prudence were waving at an older gentleman and he gave them a thumbs up.
I turned to her and said “Who are you waving at?”
“Henry’s dad! Why are you not waving?”
“I don’t know him and to wave at him would imply I know him.” I stated laughing.
In that moment she was again reminded I was not a Henry fan like she was and she gave me this look like I had a lot to learn.

We spoke with Amy Adams for a little bit and she was so adorable in person and extremely friendly almost creepy friendly I thought. But in a very good way.

Then it happened the screams were almost deafening.
Henry was stepping out of his car onto the red carpet. He put an arm in the air and began to wave to everyone.
There were about 20 people before us in the line and he slowly began to make his way stopping once in awhile to wave to the other side.
He was signing and taking photos with all who asked.
Lisa was beginning to hyperventilate and giggle like she was 16 which made me laugh right out loud.
She had this pure innocence about her when it came to him and I suddenly felt left out. How was it an older women then myself still had such youth and I didn’t.
I started to feel old.
I had my good camera and was getting some amazing shots of Henry but one thing I notice was he was not smiling for any photos with fans. Not a real smile anyway. You know a toothy grin smile.
I leaned over to Lisa and said “He looks miserable!”
She looked confused at me. “Really? why do you say that?”
“He’s not smiling at all.”
I am not sure what I was expecting of him but if all these girls wanted me to like him he sure was not getting any brownie points at the moment.

As he approached Prudence she clutched his arm tight. That made me smile.
He took photos from people behind us and was signing them as he spoke with everyone.
I went to take a photo of him and Lisa together but they turned and I joked to her now she would be able to print out both front and back and paste them together for a full 3D photo.
This caused him to smirk slightly.
I was staring up to the huge Superman logo when I heard her ask him a question.
I burst out laughing “Did you just ask him what shampoo he uses?”
She laughed “Yes!”
“Inquiring minds want to know?” I said still laughing.
I then looked at him and asked “What type of toothpaste do you use?”
He looked at me and arched his eyebrow.
“I’m only kidding don’t respond to that I was just trying to get on the same ship as her” Pointing to Lisa.
He started to laugh.
“Whoa!” I said “It has a sense of humor!”
“It?” He said smiling.
“And it has a toothy grin too!”
“Now why am I suddenly an it?” He asked.
“I’m just teasing you dear you seem like your easy to bug.”
“I have a sense of humor really I do” He said smiling again.
“Sure sure!” I smiled.
Lisa looked over to me and said “So??”
“So what?” I asked.
“Well now that you have seen him up close what do you think?”
“You are going to ask me that right in front of him? He might not like what I say.”
“Are you mad?” She asked “Even up close you don’t think he is gorgeous?”
“He’s ok.”
Henry began to laugh
Prudence looked over to Henry and said “Don’t worry Henry we will convert her!”
He laughed even harder.
“Who was the one singing all day?” He asked
Then all the cougar girls all pointed at me.
“How the heck did you know about that?” I asked.
“Zack called my phone while you were singing Waiting for Superman; He said the whole crowd was going nuts and singing along with you.”
I took a bow “I aim to please” I winked at him.
“I bet your a hoot when you’re at the bar” He said.
I opened my purse and took out one of my business cards and slid it in his jacket pocket behind his handkerchief “If you’d ever like to find out.” I said smiling.
He gave me this “whoa” look and cocked his eyebrow again.
“Don’t give me that look” I snapped.
“What look?” He asked his eyes widening.
“That look that I am not good enough for you. Just because you’re on that side of the fence means nothing. You don’t know me from a hole in the ground. I could surprise you!”
Lisa’s mouth dropped, She couldn’t believe I had just handed him my number and said what I said.
He smiled again and began to walk away when Lisa yelled his name. She’d forgotten to get him to sign her book.
She pulled out her 50 shades of grey and had him sign it as he turned she looked at him and said “You’ll always be my 50!”
Again with that eyebrow raise.
I turned to her “And I am the weird one?” I laughed!
I took one last look at him and said “Don’t throw it out till I am not looking ok.” I winked and he smiled.
He had a very lovely smile but I was not going to say that to Lisa or Prudence I knew if I did I would never hear the end of it.

Lisa was all sorts of giggles “Didn’t he smell lush?”
Ok I was going to give her that one he DID actually smell really good.
He carried himself as much older than his 30 years and I had a feeling that was why so many older women found him so appealing.
I too was beginning to find him very appealing and I hated to admit it.

As we walked away a security guard ran towards us.
“Wait girls, Wait!” He yelled. “How many are with you?” He asked me
“6 of us in total” I said.
He went back to talk with someone then came back.
“OK I can’t sit you all together but your all going in.”
“Going in where?” Asked one of Lisa’s friends.
“To see Man Of Steel” He said smiling. “Zack thinks you’ve earned it so enjoy!”
And just like that the cougars and the cougar in training turned into a group of giggling idiots jumping and squealing like that guy who’d been behind us.
Holy crap we thought, We’re going in to watch it. We’re going to get to see it before anyone else.
This was better then what I’d had on my list. This was EPIC!

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