I knew you when – Chapter 4

My dressing room was so tiny and you could tell this was no big budget movie but I didn’t care I was working.
I had no lines at all and my scenes were extremely sexual and in this moment I was so very glad I was doing the scenes with someone I actually knew.

We began my first scene in which I contact Henry’s character Mike by phone for a hook up.
This was so easy we got it done in just a few takes.
However my next scene was a little more involved then the last and I soon found myself becoming very uncomfortable.
Henry found it quite amusing that I had to be down on my knees.
As the director Rick yelled action I began bobbing me head up and down and Henry leaned back.
I hand him a phone without even stopping what I am doing but Henry’s reaction is so neutral I suddenly pause. Rick yells cut and asks me if there is a problem?
I said “No sorry I just thought you know if a girl is going down on a guy he’d be making more of reaction then this.”
To this Henry replied “No Mike is a cool collected type of guy so he wouldn’t make a lot of fuss.”
Rick agreed and we set up to shoot the scene again.

This scene was taking forever to shoot and my knees were beginning to hurt.
I didn’t want to mention it out loud for fear of being seen as difficult to work with.
So one we pressed for the next few hours shooting over and over with the cameras filming from every angle possible.
When we were finally done I had a hard time getting to my feet it was like my legs had gone numb.
Henry helped me to my feet and asked if I was ok.
I smiled “Yep I’m fine.”
“Ok good.” He smiled.

We left for the day but needed to be back on set at 7am the next morning to film our next scene together. I knew this was going to be the longest day because the scene was quite intense and I knew Rick was going to want to get the shots from every possible angle but at the same time I thought it was going to be funny to see if any of our real sexual connection would trickle its way onto screen and if anyone would actually notice if it did happen.

The alarm went off at 5am Henry was for sure more of the early riser then myself I would have likely slept till 6am.
He kissed my cheek “Wake up sweetie lets get some coffee and breakfast before we have to leave.”
“Seriously?” I looked up at him.
“I’m jumping into the show now you joining me?”
I leaped up “yep!”
We made love in the shower he was a very passionate young man and I loved it.
I started breakfast and coffee and we sat at the table and I kept going on about how his real reactions to oral sex were nothing like what he had performed yesterday to which he replied.
“Mike would not have made a big huge scene in front of a bar full of people so he kept his cool.”
“Ok I will give him that” I said laughing.

As I got dressed for the next scene I laughed right out loud as I glanced into the mirror to see just how ridiculous I looked.
I was wearing a fake black leather jacket with what appeared to be just a push up bra under it and these skin tight black pants that I swear were not flattering to my ass.
Thank God I had big boobs they looked fantastic in this push up bra, so much so I was pretty sure no one was going to notice that my ass didn’t look as ideal.

I walk out to the set where Henry was already waiting his eyes widened as he saw me coming.
He leaned in and whispered in my ear “Man you look hot!”
I began to laugh; Henry is a boob man has been since I first met him and the one thing he loves about me in my big old double D’s.
He smiled and whispered again “I can’t wait to kiss them, going to be weird having everyone watching though.”
“Here’s to hoping you don’t pitch a tent as we’re filming” I laughed.
He suddenly got serious looking. “Shit your right! Stay calm boy stay calm” He said laughing.
I adored his smile and laugh it was so infectious and you could not help but smile along with him.

The scene called for Henry’s character Mike to come up behind me and put his hands all over me, fondling my breast while kissing my neck then moving his hands downward to my private area.
Take 1 and I thought we were going so well.
Our natural chemistry was working to our advantage.
CUT! Rick yells.
We step away from one another and look to Rick.
“More passion” He says “I want people to feel the sexuality coursing through you both, Henry grab at her pull at her bra.”
Henry and I nod and step back into position to begin the scene again.
Take 2 – Action
Henry walks up once again behind me tugging at my bra and fondling my breast while kissing my neck.
His hands work their way down to my hips onto my belly and downward to my private.
CUT yells Rick.
I think to myself what the hell was wrong with that one?
“Come on guys, I’m not feeling it I need it to be raw and dirty.”
Raw and dirty I thought? What the fuck were we filming here? porn?
I began to get a little uncomfortable.
Rick comes closer to us “Listen guys it’s obvious there is chemistry between you both and that is working and looking fantastic but I really need it too look more animalistic.”
Again we both nod and take up position once again.
Around take 20 we were finally doing what Rick had been looking for.
By this take Henry’s hand was going down into my pants and purple underwear grabbing at my vagina and almost looking like he was going to pick me up by it!
Next set up against a wall.
I tore at Henry’s jacket his hands were all over me.
We began to kiss
I leaned in and bit his shirt with my teeth, came back up and kissed him again.
One thing I was finding difficult was actually stopping when he yelled cut I was very much being turned on by this rugged version that was taking place between Henry and I.
“More tongue Henry” Said Rick
“More?” Henry asked
“Yes more lick her mouth like you’re going to devour her.”
As Rick is telling Henry what he wants I am reminded of a conversation Henry and I had once had about french kissing.
It was actually something Henry was completely un comfortable with he felt that should be for a women he is with and no one else.
I wondered if in this moment he was still not comfortable with the idea and then he looked at me and I knew in that look he was not happy with the decision Rick had wanted him to take. It would be compromising his own morals and he knew it.
I winked to let him know it would be fine that it was me and this once he could break that inner promise he’d made to himself.

We begin once again and this time we’re giving it everything we have.
What the hell I thought I swore by the end of this scene I would going have mouth burn from all this kissing we were doing.
“Nika, you need to be more aggressive. Remember your about to deliver him to his death you’re a bad ass bitch”
I smiled at him and nodded I kind of liked the idea of being a bad ass bitch. Not to Henry of course but in general.
I throw Henry against the wall and start to kiss him I eat at his shirt with my teeth.
We kiss again and he pours his tongue into my mouth and we stay a moment just licking one another’s tongues.
I go back to tugging at his shirt with my teeth and come up again for one final kiss before I push him down the corridor to an adjoining room.

CUT yells Rick

Set up for the next scene Rick tells me to stay aggressive and to push him onto a table at which point Henry is to try and calm me down.

Henry is walking backwards we are kissing and caressing one another I toss him to the table.
“Whoa, easy now”
I don’t let up I am all over him.
Next I toss him into yet another adjoining room his back to me.
In a quick flash he jumps around with his hands up like little paws “RAWR” he says.
I burst out laughing.
I turn to Rick and say “I am so sorry! I just didn’t expect that at all! It was just so funny and cute.”
Rick begins to laugh and sets us back up for the next take.
I say to Henry “You plan on doing that rawr again?”
“Yeah, I was told too” He laughs
“Ok just so I know not to laugh again. You were so adorable doing it by the way”
“You two ready?” Asks Rick
We nod together “Yes”
We go through the motions over and over and each time I toss him into the room and he spins around I do everything I can to not burst into laughter because he looks so flipping cute with this silly look on his face.
CUT – Wrap!
My scenes were now done. Henry however had two more weeks of filming.

Rick looked over to us and asked us if he could talk to us for a moment.
We walked over and stood next to him.
“Have you two met before?” He asked.
We looked at one another then back to him “Yes”
“You ever slept together?” He asked.
I was not comfortable responding to that questions and it appeared Henry was feeling the same way.
Rick picked up on that right away “Never mind guys it’s ok you can tell you have great chemistry on screen and it translated well to film and I just wanted to tell you both excellent job.”
Henry and I thanked Rick and began walking back to our dressing rooms.
We were both feeling great we’d just been told we’d done good and there is nothing more amazing then hearing that you’re doing an awesome job even if it’s not a big budget job.

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