I knew you when – Chapter 5

The next couple days I didn’t see much of Henry as he was still filming and I was back working at the restaurant and for whatever reason we just kept missing one another and when we did manage to be in the apartment together it was in bed and we were both too tired to do much of anything.
It was still just nice waking in the middle of the night snuggled up to him or him to me that feeling that you are not alone or going at all this by yourself was a really great feeling.

It was a Monday and Henry had the rest of the week left to film his final scene when he called me and sounded like he was in such a panic but it was almost a laughter type panic.

“Oh my god Nika you’re never going to guess what happened to me today at lunch!”
“Are you ok?” I asked “You sound really freaked out.”
“I did the death scene today where I get strung up by the hook and guess what happened?”
“Ok don’t leave me hanging, what happened??”
“They left me there and went for lunch!”
“You’re joking right? They came back for you didn’t they?”
“Yeah after their lunch” He was now laughing hysterically
“How fucking long where you up there?”
“Over an hour, My toes went numb.”
He was still laughing but I was having a hard time finding it amusing that the stunt crew would leave an actor stranded up there hanging for over an hour.
“Will I see you for dinner?” I asked
“Yeah I should be home, I just had to call and tell you. What a fucking day!”
“Yeah! That’s a day alright. Ok I will talk with you later then. Anything you want for dinner?”
“Whatever your making babe.”
“Ok see you later. Call me if anything comes up.”
“Yeah I will.”

That night I put together chicken dinner with glazed chicken and vegetable chow main noodles along with a mixed vegetable including carrots, peas, beans and corn.
I loved to cook and I really loved to have someone to cook for and Henry always loved the meals I prepared he said it felt a little like being back home with his mom cooking.
I was not sure if I should take offense to that or not and he knew it and quickly stated that was not what he had meant. I knew what he had meant but I still liked to rib him from time to time.

As he walked in I could see him smelling the air and I had to smile.
“What’s cooking good looking? Yes I just said that.” He laughed
I laughed and told him what was on the menu for the night.
“Oh man where did you learn to cook?”
I shrugged “I just kind of taught myself. You learn what foods you like and learn how to make them.”
“Well I am glad because you are one amazing cook! Maybe you should take over at the restaurant.” He winked
“What are you saying? Our cook is bad?”
“No, Just that your better!”
“Awe honey you really know how to butter a girl up!”
“Yeah? Want to go out for a couple drinks tonight then come home and…”
He winked again “You know.”
His smile killed me each time. It was so wide and happy and at the very same time he was easily able to look naughtier then hell.
“Sometime I really think you’re a devilish little shit you know?”
He laughed “Why do you say that?”
“You should see that kinky little smile you have on your face!”
“Kinky? You want to get kinky?” His eyes widened.
“You little bugger” I slapped his arm.
“I’m just kidding, but you do know I listen well right?”
“Listen to what?” I now looked puzzled.
“I’m just saying, you tell me what you want and I will do it for you.”
The thoughts suddenly poured into my head like a river breaking through a dam.
“Easy honey” I said smiling “Let’s just go get drunk first!” I laughed.
He shook his head. “Sounds like a plan”

That night we hooked up with Corin, Rick and Andy and headed out to one our favorite watering holes and just decided we were going to celebrate working!
Henry of course had made a far bigger pay check then myself but I didn’t care I was living my dream, I was living in a half decent place with a guy who I really cared about and we had each other’s backs.
As we got another round I informed Henry drinks were on him all night. I mean after all he had earned more. He laughed but agreed all my drinks were on him.
We were having such a good time that when last call was called we were actually shocked!
I leaned over to Henry and said “We got booze at home?”
“Yeah” he said
“Corin, Andy, and Rick! Our place!!!” I yelled.
We all jumped up and finished our drinks and headed out the door.
As we headed down the street we came across fellow friends who were also looking to party so we invited them along with us. But as usual we came across idiots who just wanted to hear themselves talk.
I had no patience for them but Henry would always shut me up for fear I may get hurt.
“Ignore them babe” He’d say to me.
“It’s hard to ignore ignorance you know.”
“Don’t let assholes ruin our night.” He put his arm around me and I grabbed his hand.
I pulled him close to me.  I adored this man so much it made my heart hurt. I feared one day losing him in fact I knew one day I was more than likely going to so I threw it to the back on my brain and focused on the here and now. With him and his arm around me.

A few months had gone by and we’d both gone back to auditioning with no luck getting any roles.
Christmas had come and gone and Henry and I were both missing our families but we were glad to be making the new friends and memories here in Los Angeles.
Sadly however our VISA’s were both about to expire and once that happened both Henry and me would have no choice but to give up our apartment our jobs and head back to our homes.

At night we’d lay next to one another and talk about how much harder it all was here in LA.
Henry would say “If I was in England right now I would probably be working on another television show.”
“You’re lucky then.” I would tell him because in Canada roles were so much harder to come by and it was one of the reasons I had decided to head out here and give it a shot.

Days went by, then weeks and finally months and before we knew it we were both booking flights back to our home towns and we were not sure when we would be coming back to LA as now we would both have to save up more money so that when we got here we had enough to sustain us for a few months.
“You should come visit me in England.” Henry said.
“Yeah. You are always going on about how you’d like to see London come over and I can show you around.”
“I’d have to save some money for that one.” I laughed “It’s probably more expensive to be there then here.”
“Actually it’s about the same.” He laughed.
“I’d love to. I will see about it when I get home and settled and let you know.”
I flopped down on the sofa and suddenly found myself in tears.
Henry ran over and sat next to me. “What’s wrong?”
“Did we fail Henry? One job, that’s all we got just that one.” I covered my face with my hands.
“Nika we didn’t fail it’s harder out here we both knew that.” He placed his arms around me and hugged me tightly but I couldn’t not seem to stop the tears.
“I just feel like we tried so hard, hundreds of auditions and nothing.”
“You watch we’ll save money we will come back and it will happen for us. You have to have hope Nika. If you have nothing other than passion, Passion will get you through and you my sweet lass have a lot of passion.” He winked.
I looked up at him and smiled “It doesn’t help that I won’t see you every day either.”
“I’m a phone call away, email me daily and come play World of Warcraft with me.”
“You and that stupid video game.” I laughed.
“Hey I bet you’d like it if you actually came and played it.”
“Ok I will look into that as well my brother will be so impressed with me if I start playing he spends days at a time playing that frigging game.”
“I don’t spend that much time. Hours yes but not days.” He laughed.

My flight was scheduled to leave the day before Henry’s which I was glad about as I didn’t want to spend a night without him in this apartment.
That morning we had our final breakfast together then returned to our bedroom for one last time to be with one another.
Something about this time was more perfect that any of the other times we’d made love before.
It was not a “good bye” love making it was a “We’ll be together again soon” love making session.
There was never a doubt for either of us we had passion together there was a connection between us and it was strong and wild.
I was going to miss him and in this final moment I knew he too would be missing me.

He sat with me while I waited for my flight number to be called and when it finally was he walked me right up to security and watched as they scanned me through and checked my bags.
I turned one final time and he was still there. He smiled and waved.
“I’ll miss you.” I mouthed
“I will see you soon.” He mouthed back then blew me a kiss.
I blew him one back and walked through the gates to get ready to board once again I could not control my emotions and I began to cry.
I wondered if he too was crying would he really miss me as much as he said he would.
My emotions were on over drive and I felt almost like I was falling apart.
Pull your shit together girl! I thought to myself.
I shook my head and boarded the plane and said a little farewell to Los Angeles California.
Until we meet again city of angels!

My dad was waiting for me as I exited at the Toronto airport and was taking me to Nicole’s.
I’d made plans to live with my best friend Nicole when I got home until I was able to save enough money to head back to LA. She was always a huge supporter of my career and was going to let me stay with her for very little rent so I could get back a lot faster.
What I had not told her yet is that I was not hoping to head over to England for a bit to stay with Henry but that I would more than likely be coming back to live with her again to start the save for LA.
As we pulled up to Nicole’s house her daughter Raven was in the front yard waiting. She quickly began waving and running to their door to tell her mom I was here.
I had come home with a little more than I had left with over a year ago mostly photos of my adventures with Henners and the crew.

Once settled in I asked Nicole about getting a long distance plan at which point she informed me she already had a plan going to the UK as she knew I would wanting to talk with Henry regularly.
And this was why Nicole and I were the best of friends; she treated me better than anyone on the planet and knew me better as well.
I jumped up and hugged her while thanking her and swung around to pick up the phone.
“It’s only 7pm there right now.” I said happy and giggling.
A woman picked up the phone. “Hello?”
I was stunned and shocked and felt like bursting into tears. Who the heck was this person?
“Hello?” She said once again.
“Oh sorry hello. Is Henry there please?”
“Oh yes just one moment.” She responded.
I sat waiting not knowing what to think. It had only been 3 days since I last seen him and only 1 day since he had been home. Who was she?
“Hello” I heard him say.
“He Hen it’s Nika”
“Hey sweets how are you?”
“Good, who was that who picked up the phone?”
He began to laugh. “Jealous?”
“NO! Curious, that’s all.”
“My mum.” He laughed even harder.
“Don’t laugh!” I said.
“I can’t help it. You know I am not that type of guy right?”
“Yes but I couldn’t help myself. I just miss you that’s all.”
“Have you gotten the net hooked up yet?”
“Yeah Nicole already has it so I am going to use her wifi on my lap top.”
“What about World of Warcraft?”
“I’ll get around to that.” I laughed
“We could be partners in crime. ok not crime but battle.” He laughed.
“Why is your mom there?” I asked.
“She’s helping me get settled. Both my parents are here actually.”
“Wow must be nice.” I laughed “My mom spoke with me for like 20 minutes then let me go.”
“I think she is kind of disappointed in me that I didn’t get more work.”
“Tell her she should go and try it then.” He laughed.
“Yeah well you know how she is.” I laughed.
My mother was a stage mom always having her say in my career. Stage mom personified.
I even think at one point I was the sole provider for the home mind you she will never admit to any of that.
Henry and I talked for a couple moments more before he had to let me go. He asked if I would call him in a couple hours so we could talk longer and that also his parents would be gone.
I reminded him that I was 6 hours behind him and that it would not be an issue then let him go.
Just hearing his voice had made my day.

I had a job within a week of being home and decided to take on two so that I could save faster.
Henry and I spoke regularly and he too had also found work at a club in London as a bartender.
I had also started playing World of Warcraft so that we could spend more time together even if it was in a virtual online capacity.
Within a couple months I began to look into flights to London for the summer and sadly everything seemed to be so expensive for that time of year. When I spoke with Henry about it he decided he was not going to let me pay for the trip on my own. I told him it was fine that I was coming up to see him and that he would be allowing me to stay there rent free so it was a trade off but he was having none of it.
After about an hour of arguing I learned never again would I argue with a Taurus as they are stubborn beyond anything I ever thought and would not back down once they had set their minds to something.
So between the two of us we had enough money for me to come up for the month of July and later that week I booked my flight.

July 2nd at 6:40pm I boarded my flight to London, the flight was to take 7 hours nonstop and I would arrive in London at approximately 8:40am the following day.
I was so excited to be heading back to England I had not been there since I was 19 and I had never been to London at all.
I settled in my window seat and put head phones on and began listening to my mp3 player.  I had created a 7 hour fly to England play list but if the in flight movie was any good I would likely turn off the music to tune into the movie but I wanted to be safe rather than sorry.
I under estimated the power of my tunes and a couple hours in I had fallen fast asleep.
At around 8am UK time I finally woke up.
When I finally landed and went through customs my excitement was about to boil over. I exited my gate and saw Henry right away there was no mistaking the long curly mop.
He had his head down and didn’t see me exit till I was almost in front of him.
“Not paying attention Cavill?” I said as I approached.
He began to laugh “I was looking at my phone.”
He leaned in to hug me and kissed my cheek.
“So glad you’re here.” He said
“I am so happy being here I can’t wait to take it all in.”
Henry looked at me and he got a sad and worried look on his face.
“I need to tell you something.”
I began to worry why he would start off our visit in such a fashion and was hoping that maybe he was just pulling my leg.
“I haven’t been totally honest with you.”
I stopped in my tracks. “What?”
“There is something I haven’t told you.”
“Just tell me.” I said with a huff “Get it over with.”
I must have looked as though I were about to burst in to tears because Henry grabbed me right away and hugged me.
“It’s nothing that horrible baby.”
I looked up to him “Well then?”
“I don’t live on my own. I have a flat mate.”
“That’s it?”
“Yeah I didn’t want to tell you as I thought it might make you not want to come.”
“Why would it matter? I was not giving him my annoyed face.
“I don’t know” He bent his head “Our rooms are right next to each other’s and I thought you might want to come down because you think he might listen in on us.”
“Ah ok.” I laughed “I’m just glad it’s only that.”
With that said we picked up my bags and walked to the car.

Henry’s flat was small, much smaller than our apartment in Los Angeles the only part of the flat that was large was the living room which he said he loved for having parties.
He had cleaned out a couple draws for my stuff which I thought was sweet but now the bathroom would be shared between 3 sometimes 4 people as his flat mate James also had a girlfriend who stayed over a lot. So instead of putting my stuff in the washroom I stored it in his room.
James was not home when were arrived he was at work and I would not meet him till dinner time.
Henry asked if I would like to head to the grocery store to get some food to which I agreed because I was wide awake after sleeping on the plane.
“Can you cook for everyone tonight?” He asked.
“Who’s everyone?” I asked.
“Myself, you, James and Laura.”
“I take it Laura is his girlfriend?”
“Yeah she will be here for the weekend and I told them you would likely do a lot of the cooking. Hope that was not too presumptuous of me?”
I tilted my head to him as if to say yes it was.
He put his head down “Sorry, You don’t have to cook. We will just wing it.”
“Let’s just go shopping first ok.”
“Ok sounds good.”

The store was like a huge superstore and even sold booze which in Canada is not done.
I wanted to see everything so I made Henry walk down each isle with me one at a time. He didn’t seem to mind and just walked next to me as I pushed the cart he occasionally threw things he wanted into the basket.
I had brought some of my own money to purchase food as well and Henry told me James had also given him some cash to grab some food.
So with that I picked up all the things I loved to cook, Chicken, pasta, roast, potatoes, noodles, eggs, bread and anything else I could think of.
One of the other good things about their flat was that it has a regular sized fridge instead of the standard apartment sizes ones that fit basically nothing into them.
I glanced over to Henry and he was smiling.
“What?” I said smiling back.
“You’re very much in your element. You’re going to make a very good wife and mother.”
“Why is that?”
“You’re just perfect when it comes to all this stuff.”
I grabbed his hand and kissed it. “It helps when you’re cooking for someone you love.”
He leaned in and kissed me. “I love you too.”

When James and his girlfriend Laura arrived I was almost finished cooking the chicken, broccoli pasta bake I had decided to make that night and Henry was just setting the table.
“Hey man” James said to Henry “What’s cooking?”
“I’m not 100% sure” Henry laughed “It’s got chicken, broccoli, cheese pasta and a sauce all mixed together. It’s really good you will both enjoy it.”
“It smells delicious” Laura said.
I walked from the kitchen to greet them and we all shook hands.
“Dinner will be ready in just a couple minutes actually perfect timing.”
I asked Henry to bring out the bread and butter while I got ready to bring out the main dish.
As we sat down to eat I was not sure what I should be saying or what to talk about because I knew nothing about either of them.
James was the first to pipe up. “So you’re an actor too?”
I nodded “Yes.”
Laura then asked “What part of Canada are you from?”
“I am from London actually but moved to Toronto and I have also lived in Vancouver while filming a television show.”
“Is there a lot of work up in Canada?” She asked.
“Not really no. Unless you’re lucky enough to get on a show being filmed there or a movie that has decided to film in Canada but I find with the big budget movies being filmed there they only tend to hire their own and use us Canadians as fillers.”
“Fillers?” James asked.
“Background.” I smiled. “Mostly non speaking parts so they can pay us bare minimum.”
Everything went quiet for a few moments and we all just focused on eating.
“How long have you known Henry?” I asked.
“About 3 years now.”
Then Laura added “Just since he has been back.”
The night went on with more friendly conversation about football and how it was funny that I referred to it as soccer, drinking games, our time in LA, things we wanted to see and do and so much more.
Both James and Laura were very easy to be around and I was suddenly no longer worried about being here.

That weekend we were all going to head to the club Henry worked at and he had actually worked the dinner rush that day and didn’t arrive home till about 9:30pm where he quickly jumped into the shower and got ready.
As he walked back into our room I had to chuckle again. When Henry and I had been in LA his agents had told him to appear younger and that keeping his chest shaved would adhere to this illusion.
But this week was the first time I had seen his chest without any of it shaved off.
He had what I called the perfect T bar chest hair. Straight along his chest and pecks down his center belly. I was actually quite sexy on his small frame but they were right his face didn’t match the maturity of his chest.
I walked over to him and ran my hands through it, like I had the night I first got there and he was a tad ticklish and backed away from me.
I looked at him with upset and he came forward again. “It tickled” He laughed.
I kissed his pecks and nuzzled my head into his chest.
He put his arms around me and ran his hands through my blonde hair.
Every part of me wanted to be with him in that moment but I knew we were going to be heading out soon so I did not let the feel last for more than just a lingering moment.

The club was a fun place where the entire local young crowd would hang out and if there was one thing I knew how to do it was fit in and stand out when it regarded my clothing.
I’d decided to wear a thin sweater mini dress that fell off the shoulders in a sleek grey colour and I paired it with knee high striped stocks and funky platform runners.
I placed my hair in a faux hawk style ponytail and did a subtle yet Smokey style make up.
Henry opted for jeans and a t-shirt with his floppy curls just framing his strong yet boyish features.
The club was not far from where they lived so we were able to walk down the few streets to it and already there was a line up to get in.
I don’t think I had ever waited in line to get into a club before so this was funny for me.
We didn’t have to wait long and once we were inside the music was so loud you could barely hear yourself think.
Henry grabbed the first rounds of drinks and we headed off to find a place to sit.
Everyone there knew Henry and a couple of people even bought him drinks.
I found it quite amusing until the women began approaching him and placing their mitts all over him.
I was sitting right there next to him but none of them even seemed to be phase by the fact that he was there with someone.
I finally had enough and gave Henry a very stern look.
James began to laugh at him and Laura slapped his arm telling him to shut it.
“They are just regulars Nika” Henry said.
“So let me get this straight they regularly do this to you?”
“Oh so because they are regulars they think they have the right too?”
“Are we dating or are we just friends who are having sex?” I yelled loud enough Laura got uncomfortable.
“They all know I have a girlfriend Nika, They are drunk and just being overly friendly. You have nothing to worry about. You need to stop with the jealousy. I will only tell you this again one more time I am with you and will not ever cheat on you so you don’t need to worry about when another girl comes around me because I am here with you and I am going to be with you all night and I am going home with you and I am going to go to bed and make love to you and only you.”
And with that he’d managed to make me feel guilty and like a total ass.
I couldn’t help it but a couple tears ran down my cheeks.
Henry saw and wiped them away.
“Have fun baby, let’s go dance and have fun.” He kissed me and grabbed my hand lifting me up and leading me onto the dance floor.

When it was my turn to grab a round Laura and I went up together and stood at the bar.
The bartender tonight was a women and she was making her rounds serving all the men first.
Even though we’d been standing there quite the bit longer if another man came up behind us she would serve them first.
Finally another bartender came on shift and asked us what we would like.
We ordered our drinks and were stopped buy a couple guys who called us “Sweet things”
We had a nice laugh at that and as we went to walk away the one guy grabbed Laura’s arm.
I quickly told him to let her go and that is when the second guy shoved me nearly spilling the drinks all over me.
At which point two other guys came to our rescue.
Once the jerks had left we thanked the other two for stepping in.
“Can we buy you girls a shooter?” They asked
“We are here with our fellas guys” I said
“That’s not a problem come have a shot with us anyway.”
“No thanks” We said as we went to walk away.
We walked back to our table and another guy placed his arm around my neck.
I jumped in shock and he whispered how hot I was and how I should come dance with him.
Henry was now standing next to me looking at him.
“Look mate this is my girl please let her be.”
“Ooh if it’s not the big Hollywood star Cavill!” the guy said with such sarcasm.
Henry took my hand and went to lead me away when the guy grabbed him and spun him around.
“Just because you did a couple Hollywood movies doesn’t mean a thing and it doesn’t mean you can have all the women either!”
Henry slapped the guys hand off him. “I don’t want all the women here but this one I happen to be with, she is with me so back off!”
The guy shoved Henry and for the first time I seen anger in him.
Henry is a very happy go lucky type of person and rarely allowed things to get to him but this guy was pissing him off in a way I have never witnessed.
He shoved Henry again and that was enough for Hen he step back towards the guy and slugged him right in the mouth.
“Don’t think I am just going to let you push me around mate.” Henry yelled.
The guy came back and was about to throw a punch at Henry when security stepped in.
Thankfully because Henry worked there he was able to explain to security what had happened and the guy was asked to leave.
We spent the rest of the night dancing and laughing as others bought Henry drinks for knocking a bloke around.
By the time we left we were all pretty much sloshed and I wondered if we would even make it the two blocks back to the apartment.

We slipped into bed and cuddled next to one another once again I snuggled into his hairy chest and we drifted to sleep quickly.
11am rolled around and there was a knock on the bedroom door.
“Hank?” James said “Hank! Time to get up man. You two wanted to do things today.”
Henry rose and looked at the clock. “Oh shit. Nika wake up or we’re going to waste the day in bed.”
I looked up at him “I rather like the bed.”
He smiled then began to tug at me to get me to move.
“Let’s go babe or we’re not going to get anything seen and done today.”
“Ok ok I am up.” I slowly rolled out of the bed.
We quickly showered and got dressed; Henry was taking me to see Big Ben today as well as Buckingham Palace.

Over the next 3 weeks Henry and I would go out many more times but not get into any more fights not with others or each other.
He would take me to all the different places I had wanted to go including London’s Bridge, The Tower of London and The Eye both during the day as well as in the evening.
I was having so much fun I didn’t realize how fast the time was going by until he mentioned to me that I would be leaving in just 2 days.
I turned to him in shock “It’s been almost 3 weeks already? Wow where did the time go?”
“I know.” He laughed “We’ve had such a good time we lost total track of it all going by.”
“If I could stay here forever I would. I’ve always felt like I should have been born here.”
He looked at me and smiled “You never know babe one day you just might be here more permanently.”
I liked the sound of that especially if that meant I got to be here with him.

Our last night we spent together trapped in his room just enjoying one another laying there talking and laughing, making love and laughing some more.
He held me tighter this night than any other night we had spent together.
“I don’t want you to leave either Nika I’ve grown way to comfortable with you being here and when you leave I am going to have to go back to being alone.”
I hugged him against my breast “I’m a phone call or computer game away sweetie.”
Way laid still for what felt like a long while when I felt my chest become wet.
I looked down to him and stroked his cheek and felt the tears running down. I said nothing just hugged him tighter and kissed his forehead.
The most wonderful feeling was being with him holding him in my arms.
Tomorrow I was heading home and I didn’t know when I would see him again. Suddenly he was not the only one crying.
After kissing once again we snuggled tight and fell asleep. We’d go with the flow of things knowing that we had a bond that was strong enough to withstand so much more than either of us even really imagined.

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