I knew you when – Chapter 7

A few weeks later I arrived in Prague and met up with Henry at the hotel suit they had set him up in.
Knocking on the door I felt butterflies in my stomach.
“Damn you Henry.” I thought to myself.
Henry opened the door with a wide grin that showed off all his perfect imperfect teeth.
I jumped into his arms and kissed his cheek.
“Hey dick, Miss me?” I laughed.
“Dick? since when am I a dick?” He laughed as he set me to the ground.
“I’m just playing sweetness.”
“Where do they have you set up?” He asked.
“Not here!” I laughed “I’m not the star so I get shit for lodgings.”
“You can always crash here with me you know?”
“I just might take you up on that offer, Til you piss me off and I need my own room.”
“And when have I ever pissed you off?”
“Don’t get me started Henry.” I smiled.

He showed me around his place and the set up was minimal but cozy.
Henry and I were use to living cheap and with just the basics so this was actually a step up for both him and myself.
“When do you arrive on set?” He asked.
“Tomorrow for a few hours, Then our scene together is to be filmed the next day.”
“Yes I saw that in my script I was just not sure if you’d be there before hand.”
“Yes. I am doing a background scene with everyone.”
“You’ll get there you know Nika. Some day I might be the background to you.”
“Uh, ok.” I laughed “I’m just happy to be working really.”
Henry walked over to me and hugged me.
“Let’s go out. I’ve found a really nice club we can hang out at. The people are very nice here.”
“Sounds like fun.” I smiled.

Later that night Henry, myself and a few other cast members arrived at the club which was already in full steam with music so loud I thought I might go deaf.
Walking to the bar each of us grabbed a drink and Henry and his new cast friends lead me to their “regular” table.
“What is it reserved for you?” I asked.
“What?” Henry yelled.
“Is the table reserved for you guys?” I yelled back.
Henry began to laugh. “No it just seems to always be the table we take.”
“So what happens if it’s not available?”
“We go sit over there.” He said point to a table in the opposite corner.
I nodded my head allowing him to know that through all the boom boom of the music I actually heard what he had said.
“Let’s go dance.” He yelled.
I loved to dance and thought of myself as a rather good dancer however on this night I slowly became away as to how different my moves were to all the other ladies.
Girls were grinding on themselves, one another and all the men around them and here I was pretending like I was Madonna.
Not that there is anything wrong with Madonna, She’s a pioneer in many many ways. But let’s just say her style of dance is way different from what I was seeing on the dance floor tonight.
Henry however was having to much of a blast to realize how funny he looked.
He has rhythm to a degree but some of his movements were what I called the “Cavill jerk and shake.”
As we danced a couple of girls approached us and one of the girls flung her arms around Henry and kissed his neck.
My mouth dropped open at around the same time his did.
When she backed up from him I stood still for a moment raising my eyebrow letting her know with a single look that I was not happy with what she had just done.
She shot be back a look of “Fuck you bitch” and I stepped forward ready to smack that look right off her face.
Henry stepped between us and looked over to me. “Just a friend Nika.”
“Looks like she wants to be more than just friends Henry.”
I don’t know why I was angry as I was. Henry and I never really ever said we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I did not own him. Part of me though really felt as though he was my boyfriend. We’d been through so much over the years and stuck it out with each other. Our relationship was more than just hugs and handshakes. We’d been intimate we’d said those three important “I love you” words.
He was more to me then just a friend and I thought I was more to him then just a friend with benefits.
I turned and walked to the bar ordering a couple of shots and another drink I chugged back the shots and began to sip my drink.
Henry walked up behind me. “Nika she is just a friend!”
“Why the hell did you bring me here Henry? You had to know some of your so-called friends would take it upon themselves to do something like that right in front of me.”
“I brought you here to have a good time. I had no idea Rawan was going to be here. She’s friendly and lovely but nothing has happened between us.”
“Has? You mean you wouldn’t mind if it did?”
“NIKA” He yelled and grabbed my arms. “Stop this.”
I saw anger in his face a look I rarely ever seen in him. He may be a Taurus the bull but he very rarely ever allowed that emotion to surface. I knew then I had fucked up.
I finished my drink and took his hand. Kissing him on the cheek I whispered in his ear.
“I’m sorry I ruined your evening. I am going to head back to my hotel and will see you likely tomorrow.”
“You don’t have to leave Nika.”
“Yes I do Henry. I don’t know what it is but when I am with you my emotions get all out of sort.”
“What do you mean?”
“I wish you loved me the way I love you Henry.”
“What are you talking about Nika? I do love you. You know that.”
“Not the same way I love you.”
I kissed him again “See you tomorrow.”
Running my hand down his cheek to his arm I walked away and out the door and headed back to my hotel.
So filled with anger and sadness I could not stop the tears from falling.
I glanced back half hoping he would be racing after me telling me to come back.
He was nowhere to be seen.

I arrived on set and entered make up and hair to get ready to shoot.
My mind raced. “How was Henry going to react today. Were we going to be weird around one another?”
Costume was an ugly smock of a gown and it itched something fierce. I was already hating it here.
While my makeup was being applied I heard a knock at the door. I was not alone in the trailer and each of us looked at one another wondering who says “come in?”
Finally the make up artist herself spoke up. “Come on in.”
Henry walked in and smiled. “Hello everyone.”
I glanced over and smiled. “Hi” I said softly.
He looked wonderful with the long hair and mucky and dirty face. The dimple on his chin predominate though the scruff he’d grown.
They’d added a braid to the one side of his hair and even that didn’t seem to take away from his handsome face.
He walked over to me and stood behind me. I looked into the mirror and watched as he placed his hands on my shoulders.
“How are you?” He asked looking at me in the mirror.
“Good.” I said putting my head down.
The others in the trailer were now watching and I shifted in my seat uncomfortably.
He leaned down on my left side still looking at me in the mirror.
“No matter what Nika, I will always love you.”
He kissed my neck and stood up.
“See you on set.” He winked.
I quickly nodded and tried to prevent tears from filling my eyes.
When he’d exited my make up artists looked down at me.
“I take it you two know each other?” She said with a large smile.
“Yes Henry and I go way back.”
“He’s a nice boy.”
I couldn’t help but laugh. “Boy.”
“Well to me you are both just kids.” She laughed.
“Yes he really is something special.” I said. “He has to be putting up with me.”
“Hard to handle kind of girl?”
“Somewhat yes.” I bowed my head in shame.
“Well if he’s stuck it out thus far then you have something worth sticking around for dear.”
I looked up to her and smiled. She didn’t probably known it but she had just made my day with that sentence.

My scene that day was simple. There was to be a gathering of the town and I would simply be walking in the background.
However small a scene may be if the lead actors to not hit mark takes can take hours setting and re setting each time.
Standing in the mud Henry and James walked past me and Henry winked causing James to turn and look towards me.
He was a scowling looking young man. Nothing about him seemed friendly.
“Who’s that?” James asked Henry.
“My girlfriend.”
James looked back once more and gave me a full look over and had a little chuckle to himself.
Henry turned to James and stopped. “What?”
“Nothing.” James said shaking his head “Just didn’t see you with someone like that.”
“Like what?” Henry said with his voice becoming aggravated.
“Don’t worry man.” James said patting Henry on the back and walking away.
Yep it was official in that moment I no longer liked or cared to ever see James Franco again.

Take after take I walked by as my feet became sore from the crappy shoes they had provided in wardrobe.
Take after take my bones began to chill from the icy air blowing around us.
The mud made it hard for my to keep my feet warm and I found myself running back to the trailer each time after they yelled cut to try to warm them up.
“Come on guys.” I thought to myself “Ge this done and over with so I can go back to my hotel and warm the hell up.”
Finally after 9 hours the scene was done and we were free go back to our homes.
Henry ran up behind me “Nika?”
I turned “Yeah?”
“Dinner? My place?”
Smiling I shook my head yes. “I’m going back to the hotel first to change then I will be over.”
He leaned down and kissed me. “See you soon lovely.”
Not a hint of anger at all in his face or voice. I didn’t know how he did it. Henry had the ability to not really allow things to effect him for longer than meer moments.
It was like last night had never happened. I had not been a complete and utter idiot and we were right back to being who we always were when in each others company.
It was one of the things I loved about him. He was so very patient and kind.

3 thoughts on “I knew you when – Chapter 7

  1. Aruviel says:

    Love it, Tami! As a re -enactor I recognize the Medieval mud scenes…in the cold and the dirt..😄 and the clothes, but I just love that! Wonder how Cavill jerk and shake looks like😜 Please continue the story!

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