Alpha Mom – Chapter 1

As I sat at the bar eating my lunch I pondered so many things. Being so far away from home in a strange yet beautiful city was so very new to me since beginning my acting career.

I was in Utah about ready to train with a stunt coordinator for an upcoming seen on the TV series “Bitten”.
I’d recently been cast as the alpha mother wolf and how it all came about still to this moment amused me.
I’d had a twitter conversation with Laura Vandervoort about being on the show when the writer had contacted me asking me for more details.
After a week long conversation between emails and phone calls I was invited up to Toronto to co write their new season.
That alone made me extremely happy but when they went the step further as cast me as the alpha mom I couldn’t believe my luck. My life was finally changing.

Sitting in the restaurant I knew not a single soul. The bartender was a sweet young girl who kept chatting to me. I think she knew I was feeling out of place and I appreciated her for taking the time to make conversation with me.
I was picking through my chicken salad when I heard the television crackle and the words “There’s a new wolf in town” being uttered.
I glanced up to see my hand in mid wolf transformation slam and break a tree trunk.
My eyes widened. I knew the “Space” channel were planning to drop a new promo for the upcoming season and I even knew I would be featured in the promo but there I was on screen for the first time ever. Well not really ever, I’d been an extra in a music video as well as sang live on our music station “Much Music” but nothing like this.

The bartender looked at me then back to the television as we both watched the promo play.
Falling to the ground my body begins transitioning to its wolf form. Two men are about to attack me. My eyes glow with a furious burst of red and yellow. Head down I slowly raise it and bare my now fanged teeth. “RUN” I growl. The men turn to run but it’s too late I leap forward and in mid jump finalize my transition to wolf. Promo ends. “When Bitten returns this February.”
Slowly the bartender turns to look at me smiling.
“Oh my god that was you?” She said almost questioning it.
“That awkward moment when you’re sitting in a strange city at a bar and you look up to see yourself on TV.” I laughed.
“That is so cool.” She beams. “Are you filming in Utah?”
“No I am here to meet a stunt coordinator for a future episode.”
“Wow.” She says still smiling.
“Yeah it’s pretty exciting. I’ve never done anything like this before so it’s all very new to me.”
“You just started acting?”
“Yeah I was more of a musician but my mother always felt I would make a great actress. So I gave it a shot and now here I am.”
“Well I will be tuning in for sure now.” She laughed.
“I hope I do the roll justice.”

Just then I hear someone approach and say “Is this the first time you’ve seen yourself on television?” His voice was deep and carried a British accent. I didn’t even need to look over to know who was standing next to me. I’d heard his voice enough to know I was about to meet Henry Cavill.
Turning to face him I smiled “Yes.” I said almost embarrassed. “Well not really yes, I mean I have been on TV before but not in this capacity.”
“It will get easier.” He said smiling. “The promo looked really good. I’ve never watched the show but I might actually start.”
“I’m proud to be a part of it. The cast is great and also writing for the show has shown me I can do anything if I put my mind to it.”
He stepped back almost puzzled. “Wait writing?”
“Yes I am co writing this season.” I began looking at the floor. “It’s a long story.” I said with a laugh.
“Wow that is absolutely fantastic.” He said.
“Thanks.” I was now grinning like a child and I was pretty sure I was blushing.
Henry Cavill the man who is the world’s current Superman was standing there complementing me.
I took a moment to look him over, His hair was a short brush cut and he had grown a beard which actually looked very attractive on him. I normally do not like beards but he suited one very well.
He was wearing a royal marine’s sweater and black pants that seemed a size to small for his build.
He was handsome. There was no denying that.

I turned to the bartender and asked for a takeout container to take the rest of my food back to the hotel with me.
As I packed up my food Henry placed his hand on my back “Good luck with the show.”
“Thank you Henry.” I said.
He’d not told me his name so when I seen the look of shock on his face I realized he now knew I knew who he was.
“Sorry.” I said crunching up my nose. “Big Superman fan here. Been a fan longer then you’ve been alive.” Just uttering those words made me laugh out loud. “Not that I am THAT much older then you.” I continued to laugh which made him laugh.
“Well you know my name but I am yet to know yours?”
“Tami. Pleasure to meet you Henry.”
“Pleasure to meet you too Tami.”
As he walked away he told me to take care and I wished him the same. I tried not to stare too much but he really did make it hard. I completely understood all these girls being infatuated with him.
Walking out of the restaurant I glanced over to him one last time and nodded. He nodded back and smiled.

Back at my hotel I changed to my work out attire and grabbed a cab to the gym I would be working at for the day. I was scared. I’d never done anything like this and I half expected to fail miserably.
The taxi dropped me off at a building that looked more like a warehouse then a gym. I half wondered if I was at the right location.
I walked through the doors to see a huge logo on the wall “GYM JONES” I suddenly laughed. I was about to train at the same gym that helped make Henry Cavill into Superman.
“This should be exciting.” I thought to myself.
A lady walked up to me. “Hello may I help you?”
“Yes my name is Tami and I am here to see David.”
“Oh you’re the actress training for the stunt.”
“Come on in.”
“Thank you.”
“My name is Lisa, co-owner of Gym Jones. Pleased to meet you Tami.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you too Lisa.”
She walked me through the gym to a back corner that was filled with blocks, weights, ropes, chains and a climbing wall. It all scared the living daylights out of me. I really hoped all of this was not for me.

David walked out to meet me he was tall and built like a brick house.
“Hello Tami, It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“HI David. Nice to meet you.” I said smiling. “This is not all for me right?” I asked giving a paranoid look.
He began to laugh. “No not everything. This wall here is most definitely for you though.”
My look of paranoia didn’t go away. “Ooh.” was all I managed to muster.
He laughed again. “Don’t worry you will be on wires. You’ve worked with wires before right?”
“Yes for my first scene I did. It was painful and fun all rolled into one.”
“We will work up to the wall first we need to warm up and do some weights.”
“Ok sounds good.” I nodded.
I was no stranger to weight training, I’d been doing it for the last year. I was nowhere near the athletic ability I would like but I was learning to handle my own and my body and it’s new sculpted look was living proof of that.

Wire work time! David strapped me into the harness and made sure everything was secure.
The scene I was to be filming required me to leap up high and repel off a tree back to the ground with a perfect wolf like landing. I had visions of how I was going to go about doing it in my head but I was un sure if I could pull it off in reality.
As I was preparing to take the jump I heard his voice behind me speaking with another man.
“My God.” I thought. “Henry Cavill is HERE.”
Suddenly my concentration was not completely on the task at hand and I had to sturdy myself.
“Snap out of it. He’s just a guy.” I reminded myself. “Don’t go getting all fangirlie on him.”
Taking a deep breath I ran towards the wall and jumped. Clinging to the built in handles I looked down to David. I had to crack the joke. “I feel kind of like Spiderman.”
David began to laugh.
“You know the cool Tobey Maguire version, Not that new kid.”
He laughed even harder. “Jump.” he yelled.
I did as I was asked and failed to complete the land the way I had hoped and toppled over to my side.
“Damn.” I said.
“That’s ok miss perfectionist. That was just the first go. You’ll get it.”
“Miss Perfectionist?”
“Yes. You expected to nail that on your first go. Relax a little and let the movements flow. You’ll nail it but don’t feel down when you don’t. I am sure even on set your going to mess it up and they will have to yell “CUT” what will you do then? Get upset?”
“Really David? You’re so not helping.” I laughed.
“I’m being honest.”
“I know. Thanks.”

Run after run I either failed the jump or the landing and was beginning to become very upset with myself. I am strong willed and this was something with the wires help I should be able to execute.
Henry had walked over and was sitting on a mat watching me and I would love to put the blame on that gorgeous smile he kept flashing. But it was my doing I knew that.
I took a deep breath and sighed. “Again?” I asked David.
“Yep, We have to get this nailed down.”
I nodded my head in agreement and steadied myself to take the jump once again.
Jumped, Perfect landing on the wall. I arched back and prepared to leap down.
I tried thinking of all the ways a dog could land and a thought crossed my mind. Some wolves in mythology can walk upright.
“David.” I yelled “I am going to try something else and want to see what you think. If it doesn’t work we’ll go back the other direction. Just bare with me ok?”
“You got it.”
Leaping down I landed upright chest and shoulder back my stance wide. I then dropped down to all fours and kicked out my right leg arms bracing me just past my shoulders.
“Ok David said. I loved that but the leg thing really did make you look like Spiderman.”
Standing up I started to laugh. “Ok I will try it again and leave the leg part out.”
“I liked how you were slightly leaning as your dropped down. Made you almost look ready to attack.”
“That’s what I am going for so if you seen it that’s good.”
“Again.” He commanded
I readied myself again to jump.
“The motions had to be quick and smooth. Jump and leap not jump stay there then leap.” He said.
I nodded and ran towards the wall. We were using a trampoline to give me the height I would need and each time I took the jump I saw myself face planting something.
Run, Bounce, Jump, Cling, Leap.
“Well done!” Said Henry.
I looked over to him. “Thank you.”
“Hope you don’t mind me watching?”
“Nope. But should you not yourself be doing something?”
He laughed “I am waiting for my trainer Mark to get here.”
“Oh I see.”
“Stop talking to her Cavill.” David laughed “She needs to focus.”
“Sorry David.” Henry said laughing.

My body was beginning to hurt. I was feeling pain in places I never thought you could feel pain.
I knew what needed to be done but I was quickly becoming exhausted.
David could see the strain on my face as I prepared to go another round with the wall.
“Tami. Just a couple more times ok?”
“Thank you.” I laughed.
“Tomorrow you get a break then be back here again the day after to nail this.”
“I, I Captain!.” I laughed
After doing a couple more takes I was happy with the results I had achieved.
David seemed well impressed with me too which made the pain I was feeling a lot more tolerable.
“Got any plans?” He asked.
“No. I don’t know anyone here.” I laughed. “I managed to walk around yesterday and not get myself lost. I was thinking of hiking up into the mountains then thought to myself, lone girl in a city you don’t know, walking up a mountain all by yourself. Um probably not the best idea.”
“I’ll take you.” I heard Henry say behind me. “I know of some really nice paths.”
“Of course. It’ll be fun. I’ll bring my dog if your don’t mind.”
“What type of dog?”
“He’s an Akita.”
“A what?”
Henry laughed and took out his phone to show me a photo.
“Ooh I want! I love dogs. I have three.”
“You have three dogs?”
“Yes and even combined they would never weight as much as yours.”
Henry laugh. “Oh a fan of the tiny dogs are you?”
“I love all animals.”
He smiled. “Good to hear.”
David began to take me out of the harness when I suddenly felt like jelly.
“I need to sit.” I said quickly.
“Are you ok?” Henry asked.
“My body has never been put through this so I now feel like jelly, standing was becoming a task.” I laughed.
The look of concern on his face was adorable.
“Want some ice?”
“No I think I should be ok once they stop shaking.”
Henry looked down and seen that my legs were in fact shaking.
He turned to David. “Is this suppose to happen?”
“Never happened to you and your stunts?”
“No. Muscles hurting and throbbing yes but never shaking.”
“Yeah it’s just her muscles trying to figure out what the hell just happened to them.”
We all laughed.
I finally stood up and walked to the locker room to change. The sweat really grossed me out.
Packing up my stuff to leave Henry walked over to me.
“Can I get your number?”
Smiling I handed him my card.
“You have a business card?” He laughed.
“Yes I am a Jill of all trades, master of nothing.”
“Or a master of everything?”
“Depends on how you look at it.” I said still smiling.
“What time would you like to go out tomorrow?”
“The afternoon. I’d love to bring my camera and snap some photos. My mom bought me a new camera for Christmas and it’s been getting a lot of use here.”
“Alright, I will call you around noon if you’d like? Maybe we can have lunch then head out?”
“I thought you were bringing your dog?”
“Oh yes right. Lunch maybe after then?”
“Sure that sounds great.”
“I will speak with you tomorrow then.”
“Great. Thanks Henry.”
“Take Care Tami.”
“You too.”
I walked out of the gym and didn’t even look back. I didn’t want him to think I was too eager.


7 thoughts on “Alpha Mom – Chapter 1

  1. heavenlea27 says:

    Well, there’s something I never thought I would see – Superman and a werewolf in the same story 😀 Looks good so far, can’t wait to see where you take this Tami. Good luck xx

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